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Attention Residents of Kentucky

It has come to Hofstra University's attention that several entities have been directing Kentucky residents to this web page for channel scan instructions. While we welcome you to use our instructions to help you run a channel scan on your televisions, please do not call Hofstra for technical support. If our instructions do not help you complete a channel scan, please contact the manufacturer of your television(s) for assistance. No support will be provided to individuals not associated with Hofstra University.

To access Hofstra University's television services you don't need a cable box. Instead your TV needs to have a built in QAM tuner which will allow your television to tune the digital cable signal Hofstra is providing. However, unlike a cable box, your television won't automatically know what channels are available. You will need to run a channel scan so that your TV can learn the channels Hofstra is offering and save them to your TV.

Your best resource for channel scan instructions is the manual for your television. However, if you don't have access to the manual you can try the channel scan instructions we have provided below.

For brand specific instructions see the documents listed below.  
Note: These instructions are still somewhat generic and may not work for your particular TV model.

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