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Software Licensing

We assist you with all sorts of Software Licensing for your classroom.

Student Response Systems

Personal response systems clickers let you give quick polls, quizzes, or just interact with your students in the classroom.

By the way, clickers are wicked awesome.


If you log in to the portal at, under "Support and Services" in your left-hand navigation you'll find "Faculty Computing Services". This is where you can see what equipment is installed in the classroom you've been assigned, and download printable tip sheets with instructions on how to use it. We STRONGLY encourage faculty who are using one of our technology-enhanced classrooms for the first time to contact us for a training session. We will schedule it at your convenience!

You'll also find there a list of software to which you have access.


You can interact, record, use templates such as maps or music notation paper, all with a Smartboard. The Sympodium is the same technology on a touchable screen that sits in front of the instructor, so that you can use it with much larger screens and while facing your students. (We can never decide if the correct plural of Sympodium is Sympodia - but we have many on campus!)

Classroom Management

Some thoughts and notes from the Feb. 12 meeting of the Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence regarding technology and classroom control.

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