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Only instructors can create forums in a course.

  1. Open Blackboard and enter the course you want to modify.

  2. Click the Discussion Board link from the navigation menu.
    Blackboard navigation menu

  3. Click Create Forum.
    Blackboard create forum button

  4. Give your forum a name and a description. The description should make it clear the kind of threads students should post in that forum.
    Blackboard forum information window

  5. Choose your Forum Availability rules. By default, the forum will be immediately available to students with no date/time restrictions.
    Blackboard forum availability options

  6. Choose your Forum Settings. By default, students will be able to create new threads in your forums, add attachments and quote other students. If you would like assistance or more information on any specific setting, please contact the Faculty Support Center.
    Blackboard forum settings options

  7. Click Submit to finish creating your forum.
    Blackboard submit button
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