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Instructors can email all members of a course directly from Blackboard.
Students can only email members of a course if the instructor has enabled the email feature in the course.

How to Send E-Mails from Blackboard

  1. Open Blackboard and enter the course you want to send an email from.

  2. Click the Email link on the navigation bar. If you deleted or don't see the Email link you will need to add the tool to the navigation bar.
    Blackboard email link

  3. You can then select to whom you want to send an email by selecting a choice from the list shown.
    Blackboard list of groups you can email

  4. If you select any of the Single options you will be shown a list of users in the course.Click the name of a user you want to email and then click the right arrow to add them to your list of recipients. If you have multiple users you want to email, you can hold down the Control key (Command key on a Mac) on your keyboard and click each name to select multiple names at once. Once everyone you want to email is highlighted, click the right arrow to add them to your list of recipients.
    Blackboard email user selection screen

  5. Add a Subject Line to your email and use the space provided to enter your content. If you wish, you can attach a file by clicking the Attach A File link.
    Blackboard email creation screen

  6. When you are ready to send your email, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.
    Blackboard submit button
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