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The Faculty Technology Center is where faculty can consult with EdTech representatives on a variety of classroom technologies, advanced hardware or software they need to facilitate their Hofstra courses or research. The room is staffed with professional instructional designers and instructional technologists as well as knowledgeable and friendly student staff. Hundreds of Hofstra faculty call, email, or visit the Center each year to get technology training, a Blackboard problem solved, and do some multimedia work. We take walk-ins or if you would like, you can make an appointment.

Services offered

  • Instructional Design Services: The possibilities are endless when you incorporate technology into your course.  We can help you develop customized media materials and learning objects to enhance your students' comprehension of challenging course materials.
  • Discipline-specific Instructional Technology: The EdTech staff are here to help you explore the universe of instructional technology. We can find solutions for specific projects or present a menu of what's currently available for your discipline or department. 
  • Training: EdTech Staff members are available to train you and your department how to use a wide variety of software programs, electronics, and other teaching tools.
  • Blackboard: Blackboard is a powerful tool for organizing your course materials and increasing communication between you and your students. 
  • Classroom Technical Support: We are here to help with any issues or special requests you have while teaching in a technology-enhanced classroom.
  • OPSCAN Support - Self-service and drop-off test scoring is available to Hofstra faculty.
  • Digitizing Services - We will assist you in digitally converting media to a variety of different digital and analog formats.
  • Text and Image Scanning - Also available are image scanners that you use to scan your own pictures and materials.
  • Audio and Video solutions - We can assist you in creating multimedia content in order to enhance the student's learning experience while keeping them engaged with your content.
  • Application Development - EdTech can assist faculty in the development of software applications in support of research and Hofstra courses
  • Online Learning - We can assist you in getting started with the online learning process at Hofstra and well as course content consultation and design related questions.
  • Research Support - We can facilitate your official Hofstra research in a consultation or collaborative role.
  • Software Licensing - In addition, we provide Hofstra faculty with extensive information on the complicated aspects of licensing the software you need for your courses.

Contact information

Call: 516-463-7777, option 2, then option 1
Visit: 215 McEwen Hall

Map showing location of McEwen Hall

Office Hours


8am-8:30pm Mon-Thurs
8am-5pm Fri


9am-5pm Mon-Thurs
9am-4pm Fri


9am-5pm Mon-Fri

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