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  1. Log in to the Hofstra Portal.

  2. Click the Student Services link on the left hand side menu.

  3. Under the General heading click Student Payment Center.

  4. Click the My Payment Center button to enter eBill.

Parents/Guardians/Authorized Users

To be able to access eBill, a parent must be added as an authorized user by their student. This is not the same as having a family eSpace account.
  1. Go to and click the View Parent Services button.
    View Parent Services button on the Hofstra Portal login screen

  2. Click the eBill link towards the right of the page under the Parent Services heading.
    Parent Services buttons

Recently accepted applicants

After being accepted to Hofstra University, applicants will have a button or link to make their initial deposit. Clicking this will open eBill. An example is shown below.

Picture of secure your set link in Portal

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