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Through the PridePrint system, students are provided with 120 print credits each academic year, funded by the Student Technology Fee, which allows them to print and copy in the universities computer labs, computer equip classrooms, and from their personal computing devices. On the universities main campus printers, 120 print credits will print up to 1200 single or double-sided black and white pages.  Students can print from any one of their personal devices to the PridePrint cloud and release their print jobs, within 12 hours, at any one of over 50 PridePrint release stations located in over 30 different buildings on campus. You'll find the current list of PridePrint release locations here.

Quick Facts

  • Credits provided per full academic year:  120
  • Credits charged per page, B&W single or double-sides:  0.10  (1200 pages)
  • Over 50 print release locations (42 on the main campus)
  • 12 copy & scan locations (8 on the main campus)


First you will need to send a print job to PridePrint. There are several options for sending your print job to the PridePrint system depending on if you are on or off campus.

On Campus

Off Campus

After sending your print job to PridePrint you can release it by swiping your ID card at any of the over 50 on campus PridePrint printers on campus. Print jobs are available for 12 hours. After this time they are automatically deleted from your print queue. 

Need additional information?

Use the navigation menu on the left to visit our other PridePrint knowledge base articles. If your question isn't answered by our knowledge base email your question to and we would be happy to help. 

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