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Through the PridePrint system, students are provided with 120 print credits each academic year, funded by the Student Technology Fee, which allows them to print and copy in the universities computer labs, computer equip classrooms, and from their personal computing devices. On the universities main campus printers, 120 print credits will print up to 1200 single or double-sided black and white pages.  Students can print from any one of their personal devices to the PridePrint cloud and release their print jobs, within 12 hours, at any one of over 50 PridePrint release stations located in over 30 different buildings on campus. You'll find the current list of PridePrint release locations here.

Quick Facts

  • Credits provided per full academic year:  120
  • Credits charged per page, B&W single or double-sides:  0.10  (1200 pages)
  • Over 50 print release locations (42 on the main campus)
  • 12 copy & scan locations (8 on the main campus)


  1. Print your documents to the PridePrint cloud (print jobs are held for up to 12 hours)
    Many ways to print:
    • Install the PridePrint client on your computer (minimum requirements: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.10 or later)
    • Print from a lab or classroom computer
    • Upload documents using a web browser
    • Print directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Release your print job(s) at one of over fifty PridePrint Release Stations
    • Swipe your Hofstra ID at the release station and select the jobs you want to release
    • If necessary, print jobs can be released from the PridePrint web site but this method should only be used if there is no other choice.

PridePrint Support Pages

Need Help? Contact the Student Technical Support Center.

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