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To install the PridePrint printers on your computer you will need to download and install the PridePrint client found in the Hofstra Portal under My Apps (waffle icon). The PridePrint client and the PridePrint Installer will only work when you are connected to the eduroam wireless network.

Mac OS X Users:

  • Due to increased security found in later versions of OS X, the downloadable version of the PridePrint client found in the Portal will not install on a Mac running OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or later. Students running OS X 10.12 or later must bring their computers to the Student Technical Support Center. A Technical Support Specialist will install the PridePrint client on your computer for you.
  • The PridePrint client is only compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and above.

After you have downloaded and installed the PridePrint client, you will be prompted with the PridePrint Login window. Log in using your Hofstra Portal username and password. 

PridePrint application login dialog box, requesting username and password

Once you have logged in successfully, the PridePrint Balance window will appear. This window shows you the number of remaining PridePrint credits you have.

How To Print

  1. Select Print from your application.

  2. Once the print dialog box opens, select either the PridePrint or PridePrint Color printer and click the Print button.

  3. Go to one of the conveniently located PridePrint Release Stations and swipe your ID card to release your print job.

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