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Does Hofstra provide Ethernet or coaxial cables?

Hofstra provides 1 FREE 25 foot Ethernet cable to each student for their time here at Hofstra. You can pick one up from the Tech Support Center located in Hammer Lab (125B Axinn Library). We do not provide coaxial (TV) currently provide either of these cables. Those Both can be purchased from most stores that sell TVs (Target, Walmart, BestBuy, electronics retailers or on, etc.). 

How do I connect a Chromecast to the wireless network?


Your Hofstra ID number is printed on your Hofstra ID card, and may also be found on official letters you've received from Hofstra. If you can’t find your Hofstra ID number, please give the Student Tech Support Center a call at 516-463-7777. After verifying your identity we would be happy to provide you your ID number. For security reasons, ID numbers are not typically provided via email.

How do I reset my password or request an additional password reset