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What is HofstraVision?

HofstraVision is Hofstra University's Digital Cable TV service and is available to all students living in the residence halls.

What do I need to have in order to access HofstraVision?

To access HofstraVision service using the cable TV wiring in the residence halls you will need:

  • A coaxial cable: This can be purchased at most stores that sell televisions.
  • A TV with a built in QAM tuner: Click here for information on what a QAM tuner is and how to check if your TV has one.

Alternatively, students can use the Stream2 service to stream HofstraVision to their compatible computer, mobile device or Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick.

How do I access HofstraVision?

If you are using a television, connect the TV to the coaxial port in the room using your coaxial cable and run a channel scan on your TV. For detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan, please refer to the user manual that came with the TV. If you don't have access to your TV's manual, some channel scan instructions can be found on our Channel Scan Instructions page.

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