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What is eTime?

eTime is a paperless online process where student employees will enter their daily hours worked. Student employees will timestamp in and out on a computer. Some student employees will use a time clock. The student employee and the manager will be required to approve the timecard at the end of each work week.

Missing the eTime icon

The eTime icon is available to students and student supervisors in the My Apps button of the Hofstra Portal.

eTime Portal icon


If you are missing the eTime icon in My Apps it is usually a result of one of two things:

  1. Your supervisor did not fill out your work permit or submitted it late. As a result, you are not listed as a current student employee.
  2. Student Employment has your paperwork put has not processed it yet. This can be true even if Student Employment has given you permission to begin working. 

Either way, please speak to your supervisor for assistance. They will need to reach out to the Office of Student Employment and verify that all necessary paperwork has been submitted/approved.

Employees (student supervisors)

If you or one of your student employees doesn't see eTime in My Apps, please contact the Office of Student Employment via email at or by telephone at (516) 463-6782.

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