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Choose the device you want to install PrideDekstop on for instructions.

What is PrideDesktop?

PrideDesktop uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to allow you to run a virtual Hofstra Windows computer within your own compatible device. Faculty and students can remotely access the software resources normally only found on Hofstra computers from any compatible device both inside and outside of the classroom, 24/7/365. macOS users can use PrideDesktop to access software normally only available to Windows users, like Microsoft Access.

Are there any important things I need to know about using PrideDekstop?

Saving files in PrideDesktop

NEVER save your files to the virtual desktop. Files saved on the virtual desktop are deleted when you log out and can not be recovered. See other ways to save in PrideDesktop. 

Note for employees who are also students

If you are an employee AND a student, please be aware of what domain you are logging in to. If you log into the employees domain (employees\h70xxxxxx) and save to the F: drive, you will need to log onto the employees domain again to get your data. If you log into the students domain (students\70xxxxxxx) and save to the F: drive, you will need to log into the students domain to get your data. 

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