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I'm registered for a course, but there is no BB button next to it in the Portal

The BB button next to a course in the Portal's My Courses applet is a direct link to that course in Blackboard. That button will only appear if the professor has enabled the course more than 2 hours ago. To avoid confusion, we recommend checking for courses by opening Blackboard, and clicking the Courses link on the left-side navigation menu.

I can see my course, but I'm getting an error when I try to access it

There are two common errors you may receive when clicking a course in Blackboard.

You can't access this course right now. (private course)

You can't access this course right now error

In addition to the error, you will also notice a closed padlock with the word Private under it. This error means one of three things:

  • Your instructor hasn't enabled the course in Blackboard yet
  • Your instructor previously enabled the course but has since disabled it
  • It's more than four weeks before the course is scheduled to start

In all instances, you will need to contact your instructor for additional information about why the course is not available yet. 

This course has ended. You can no longer access this course.

This course has ended error

Courses in Blackboard end two weeks after the official end date of the course. After this time, you'll no longer be able to access the content in the course. If you need access to a course that has ended, please reach out to the instructor of that course for assistance.

Other errors

If you can see a course and see an error different from the errors above, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please use your Pride email address to send an email to with:

  • Your name and ID number
  • The course you are trying to access
  • A picture of the error you are receiving

I'm in the Courses section of Blackboard but don't see my course

There are several reasons you may not see your course in the Courses section of Blackboard.

Reason 1: You registered for courses less than 24 hours ago

Courses take 24 hours to show up on Blackboard. So if you registered for courses today, you see them until tomorrow.

Reason 2: The course is set to start more than 4 weeks in the future or ended more than 2 weeks ago

  • If it's more than four weeks before your course is set to begin, the course will be listed in the Upcoming Courses section of Courses

  • If it's been more than two weeks after your course has ended, the course will appear in the 20XX Courses section of Courses, depending on what year the course was taken in.

In both cases, you won't be able to access the course since it is outside of the courses start and end dates. If you would like to access this course, please contact the instructor.

Reason 3: The Start and End dates of the course may have been set incorrectly by the instructor

In the Courses section of Blackboard, use the navigation along the top of the screen to check both the Upcoming Courses section and the Courses from 20XX sections. If a course for a current semester appears in these sections, the instructor may have set incorrect start and end dates for the course. Reach out to your instructor for further assistance.

Courses navigation

Other reasons

If neither of the above applies to you, please email and let us know what course you are looking for. Be sure to let us know you already checked our missing courses FAQ.