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This page is for wired network port activations only

Why do I need to activate a wired network/Ethernet port?

By default, all wired/Ethernet network ports in the residence halls are inactive. If you would like to use the network port in your room, you will need to request a port activation. Please only make this request if you plan on using your network port on a daily basis or if you have a device that does not work correctly on the wireless network. If you are not sure whether your device will work on the wireless network, please email the Student Technical Support Center with the name of the device along with a description of what it is used for (if it isn’t a common device) and we will be able to give you more information on how to connect it to the Hofstra network.

Requesting a Port Activation

  • Hofstra University does not permit the use of personal wireless routers and will not activate any ports that will be used for that purpose.  Any student found using a personal wireless router will have their port deactivated and may face disciplinary action for violating Hofstra University’s Acceptable Use Guidelines. Small (5 ports or less) unmanaged network hubs and switches are allowed to be used on campus.
  1. Click Here to go to the Network Port Activation Request page. If prompted, log in using your Hofstra Portal username and password.

  2. Fill out your room information and contact number. In Comments, write any notes that are important to your request. For example, if you want all of the ports in your room to be activated you can write that there. After filling everything out, click the Submit button. You don't need to include a reason for your request.
    picture of network port activation request page

  3. A confirmation of your port activation will be sent to your Pride email address. You will receive a second email once your port activation has been completed.

  • It can take up to 3 business days after you request your port activation for the work to be completed. During the first two weeks of any semester, your port activation may take up to 5 business days to fulfill due to the increased number of support requests made during this time. 
  • You will need to make this request once for the Fall/January/Spring semesters and once for the Summer sessions (Summer 1 to the end of Summer 3). So if you live on campus year-round, you will need to make two port activation requests per year.
  • Each student can only enter one port activation request during the Fall/January/Spring semesters and one during the Summer sessions. If you move rooms, please email and let us know. We will be able to delete your previous port activation request so you can make a new one. 
  • The residence halls are only wired for one port per bed. So if a room has 2 beds, a maximum of two ports can be activated in that room regardless of how many ports are physically in the room.
  • If you would like multiple network ports you can purchase an unmanaged network switch to split your Hofstra activated network port. 

Register your Devices

You need to register any device you want to use on the wired network ports. While you are waiting for your port to be activated, visit our Network Device Registration Page for information on registering your device(s).

Need an Ethernet cable?

Stop by the Student Technical Support Center. Each student can get one FREE Ethernet cable for their time at Hofstra. Additional cables are available for $5 each.
The university does not supply coax/coaxial cables. If you need a coax cable, you can purchase one at the Hofstra Bookstore, Best Buy, Microcenter, or online at

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