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Why don’t I see my class in Blackboard?

The two most common reasons are:

  1. You registered for your course less than 24 hours ago - It takes 24 hours for a course your register for to appear in Blackboard. If after 24 hours you don’t see your course it has most likely not been enabled by your professor.
  2. Your course has not been enabled by the professor - The classes you are able to see in Blackboard are controlled by your professors. Some professors enable their courses before the beginning of the semester and some don't so you don't see them. Others just don't use Blackboard so you will never see them listed in Blackboard. For any classes you don't currently see on Blackboard, please speak to your professor and ask them if they both plan on using the service and have enabled their course.

For a full list of reasons why you may not be able to see your course in Blackboard, please visit

Why do I get an error when I click on the Blackboard button?

To get into Blackboard you must be registered for at least one course for more than 24 hours. If it has been less than 24 hours since you have registered for courses, please try again after that time and you should be able to access the service. If you continue to have trouble after

Cable TV (Residence Halls Cable Network)

I am not getting some/any TV channels on my TV. Can you help?

To watch TV on campus, your TV must have a built-in QAM tuner. Please check the manual for your TV and see if it has a QAM/Clear QAM tuner. If you only see ATSC/NTSC listed you will need to purchase a different TV. If your TV does have a QAM tuner be sure to run a channel scan so that your TV can program itself with Hofstra’s channel line-up. Channel scan instructions for some TV brands can be found at For the best instructions please refer to your TV’s manual.

Additional troubleshooting information can be found at

What channels does Hofstra offer?

Click here to see a channel guide.

Final Grades

Why don’t I see my final grade?

There are several ways to view your final grades. Click here for instructions. Occasionally a bug may result in you not being able to see your grades through a specific method so be sure to try all of the different ways. If you try all of the different ways and you still don't see your grade your professor has most likely not posted it. Contact your professor first and double check they actually posted the grade. If they have, please contact the Student Tech Support Center for additional assistance.

When will my final grade be posted?

Many professors teach multiple classes with a large number of students so please be patient while they grade your work and post your final grade. We recommend you reach out to your professor if you have not received your final grade by the following Friday after the week your course ended. So if your course ended on Tuesday of this week, we recommend you give your professor until Friday of next week before checking in with them.

Gmail (Pride E-mail)

How do I access my Hofstra email on my computer or a mobile device?

Instructions on accessing your Pride account through the Portal, iOS and Android devices can be found at

Internet Access

How do I connect my computer or mobile device to eduroam?

Instructions can be found at

How do I connect a video game console or misc. entertainment device to the Hofstra’s wireless network?

These devices need to be connected to the Hofstra Guest network. To connect to that network you must first register your device using a computer connected to eduroam. Instructions can be found at

I tried to register a device at but got the error "Device ID already exists." How do I fix this?

This error happens if you connect a device to the network before you register it. Please disconnect the device and email us the MAC address so that we can resolve the issue for you. Once resolved we will reply and ask you to register the device again. Register it and, after it is registered, you can connect it to the network.

How do I request an Ethernet port in my room be activated?

Visit for instructions. Any device you plan to use on Hofstra’s wired network must first be registered. Information on the process can be found at

How do I set up my personal wireless router?

Personal wireless routers can interfere with Hofstra University provided wireless so they are not allowed to be used in the residence halls. Students found using personal wireless routers will have their Ethernet ports deactivated and may face disciplinary actions for violating Hofstra's Acceptable Use Guidelines (

How do I set up my personal wireless printer?

As the majority of personal wireless printers do not support the WPA2 Enterprise encryption required to connect to eduroam they will not work on campus. You will need to connect your printer to your computer using a USB printer cable.

Does Hofstra provide Ethernet or coaxial cables?

Hofstra provides 1 FREE 25 foot Ethernet cable to each student for their time here at Hofstra. You can pick one up from the Tech Support Center located in Hammer Lab (125B Axinn Library). We do not provide coaxial (TV) cables. Those can be purchased from most stores that sell TVs (Target, Walmart, BestBuy,, etc.).

How do I connect a Chromecast to the wireless network?

Chromecast devices do not work on Hofstra’s network due to the increased level of security found on the network. If you would like to watch streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu we recommend using either a Roku, Amazon FireTV or Apple TV which work on the Hofstra Guest wireless network.

How do I connect a Google Home to the wireless network?

Google Home devices do not work on Hofstra’s network due to the increased level of security found on the network. If you would like a smart assistant that can play music and answer questions we recommend using an Amazon Echo which does works on the Hofstra Guest wireless network.


How do I get the PridePrint software?

What is my Hofstra username and password for PridePrint?

PridePrint uses the same username and password you use for the Hofstra Portal.

When I try to print from my Mac it says Hold for Authentication. How do I fix this?

Information on fixing the Mac Hold for Authentication issue can be found by clicking here.

When I try to print I get a message that says Disallowed Paper Size. How do I fix this?

PridePrint printers can only print on US Letter (8 1/2 x 11 inches) paper. If the program you are trying to print from has different paper settings change your paper size to US Letter. This is commonly seen on computers purchased outside of the US as most other countries use A4 (about 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches) paper.


How do I request a transcript?

Visit the Transcripts page of this knowledge base for detailed information on who is eligible to request a transcript (official or unofficial) and how to do so.

Can I have an official transcript emailed to me?

No, Hofstra does not offer electronic official transcripts. Official transcripts must be mailed to you via USPS. You can have an unofficial transcript emailed to you following the instructions on our Transcripts page.

Usernames/Passwords/ID Numbers

How do I get my Hofstra username (network ID)?

To get your Hofstra username you can use the password reset page at Use the token method to start a password reset. The token email will have your Hofstra username in it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your password if you don’t want to. Alternatively, you can call the Student Tech Support Center at 516-463-7777 during our normal business hours and we can look it up for you.

How do I get my Hofstra ID number?

Your Hofstra ID number is printed on your Hofstra ID card and may be on official letters you have received from Hofstra. If you can’t find your Hofstra ID number, please give the Student Tech Support Center a call at 516-463-7777. After verifying your identity we would be happy to provide you your ID number.

How do I reset my password or request additional password reset tokens?


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