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Hold for Authentication error screen grab

The Hold for Authentication error is a bug that occasionally happens on the Mac version of the PridePrint client. When you try to print, you get asked to log in to a non-PridePrint screen and then you get an icon of a printer in your dock. If you click that icon, you get a screen like the above where your print jobs say Hold for Authentication. There are two ways to fix the issue.

Fix 1 - Run PridePrint Reset

If you've had PridePrint installed by Hofstra University staff, running the PridePrint Reset program in your Applications folder will fix the error.

Screen grab of PridePrint Reset icon

Fix 2 - Reinstall PridePrint

If you don't have PridePrint Reset or if running it does not work, please use the ITS Service Portal to schedule an appointment to stop by the ITS Service Desk for further troubleshooting.

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